New Date Announced | New date is 30/07/22 at Gateshead Stadium / NEWCASTLE/GATESHEAD.
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Welcome to LIVE LIKE 85 Tribute Show

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30.07.22 NEWCASTLE/GATESHEADGateshead Stadium, Gateshead Get Tickets
About Us


Welcome to Live Like 85,
a festival created to put the
fun into a day out!


Live like 85 will take you back to some of the greatest music of all time.

Showcasing the best tribute acts to: Queen, U2, David Bowie, Elton John, Phil Collins and Status Quo, also featuring Kroud Karaoke with sing-a-long classics from the 80’s and more!


Featured Artists



A wonderful Queen Tribute Act who will amaze you with their perfomance of a host of classics...


Get ready to party! Unos dos tres quatro...Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry are guaranteed to have you out of your seat from the first song to the last.

David Bowie

Lets Dance, put on your dancing shoes and sing along to all the classics with the master!

Elton John

Saturday night's alright, alright alright... get your diamonds on and crocodile rock your socks off!!!


Events & Tickets

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30.07.22 NEWCASTLE/GATESHEADGateshead Stadium, Gateshead AVAILABLEGoing Fast! Get Tickets



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Please be aware that DJMS Festivals and Live Like 85 have no association with Band Aid Charitable Trust (Charity No. 292199), nor is any statement by DJMS Festivals and/or Live Like 85 made on behalf of or in association with Band Aid Charitable Trust. This event is not authorised or licensed by the Band Aid Charitable Trust and no monies are being paid to the charity, nor to any of the aims or causes of the Trust and/or of Live Aid



Coming Soon

Can I upgrade my tickets from Standard ticket to a VIP ticket?
Yes if there are any VIP tickets available and it will be subject to the relevant price increase plus, please contact for more information

I can't find my eticket, what should I do?

What do I get if I buy a VIP tickets?
A dedicated fast access entrance, a golden circle viewing area, vip toilets, lanyard with stage times, early entry and a free Live Like 85 T-Shirt

Do you cater for people with disabilities?
Yes we do, we will have accessible toilets and viewing platforms, for any other requirements please contact us

What are the festival opening times?
Doors open at noon and the last band will finish at 10.30pm, the site needs to be clear by 11pm.

How can I travel to Live Like 85
Limited parking will be available, we will be telling you soon about a local taxi partner, and all standard local transport to Saltwell Park with also be available

How does the eticketing system work
Your ticket will be emailed to you, you can either bring it in printed format or on your phone which will be scanned on the day. Further details will be emailed when you have purchased a ticket

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Only if you have a medical requirement to do so

Will there be any covered areas if it rains?

Will I be able to re-enter the site if I leave during the day?

Can we take our own chairs?
Yes, they must be folding camping chairs that are in a dedicated carry bag.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Are pets allowed?
No apart from assistance animals.

Can tickets be purchased on the day?
Yes if any are available and will be charged at the walk-up rate

How can I volunteer at Live like 85

Can I Use my debit/credit card?

Challenge 25
We will operate a strict challenge 25 policy, please bring ID with you if you are over 18.

Can I bring a BBQ?

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Terms And Conditions


1. Tickets are for the advertised festival (hereafter the “Festival”). These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Ticket purchaser, the premises licence holders (where applicable) (the “Premises Licence Holder”) and the organisers (hereafter the “Organisers”).

2. Tickets are non-refundable non-transferable.

3. The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions are subject to change at any time without notice.

4. The Organisers reserve the right to:

  • (a) refuse admission in any circumstances;
  • (b) evict any person breaching the terms and conditions of entry, committing a criminal offence, behaving in a disorderly manner or in a way that has an adverse effect on public safety, or behaving in an anti-social manner or in a way that causes a public nuisance;
  • (c) evict all members of any group of persons where that group is behaving in a persistent anti-social manner;
  • (d) in order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests the Organisers may refuse entry to ticket holders who attempt to enter the licenced Festival site, or any surrounding land used by the Festival (including car parks) that constitutes the Festival footprint, (hereafter the “Festival Site”) with contraband goods and / or prohibited articles.

5. Admission is at ticket holder’s own risk. The Organisers and the Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons or third parties or force majeure.

6. Duplicate tickets will not be issued for lost or stolen tickets.

7. Tickets are only valid when purchased from official agents. Tickets bought from other sources will be refused admission.

8. Tickets are personalised to the named ticket holder and may not be:

  • (a) sold or transferred to another person; or
  • (b) used by any person for promotional purposes, including as a prize or other reward in a competition or lottery, except with the prior written permission of the Organsiers;
  • (c) purchased by an agent on behalf of his or her principal.

9. Where a ticket has been obtained in breach of clause 8, the obligations of the Organisers in relation to the ticket will cease to have effect immediately, in particular:

  • (a) any person presenting the ticket may be refused entrance to, or removed without notice from the Festival;
  • (b) the ticket may be confiscated and there shall be no obligation on the Organisers to refund any monies paid for the ticket.

10. Ticket holders may not use photographic, recording or filming equipment on the Festival Site for commercial gain without the Organiser’s prior written consent:

  • (a) a person may be denied entry to, or removed from the Festival if they are in possession of any equipment capable of taking photographs, making films, sound recordings or broadcasts; or if they take any photograph, film, sound recording or broadcast of anything occurring inside the Festival for commercial gain.
  • (b) a person may enter the Festival with equipment referred to in clause 10(a) above where it is integrated into electronic communications apparatus designed for personal private use (such as a mobile telephone) and/or a personal stills camera, but that person may still be removed in accordance with clause 10(a) above if they use or attempt to use that device for commercial gain.

11. Tickets cannot be used as part of any advertising, endorsement, sponsorship, marketing, media campaign, sales promotion, staff reward programme or used in any competition whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the Organisers.

12. Commercial, promotional and trading activities (including but not limited to ambush marketing, sponsored or paid for social media posts, brand influencing and/or unauthorised filming) are not permitted on the Festival without express prior written permission of the Organisers.

13. The marks of the Festival and the Festival logo may not be used without the express written permission of the Organisers.

14. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Organisers reserve the right to charge a fee at its discretion for any commercial activity (including filming, photography, recording or posting, tagging or linking to branded material) which originates on the Festival or referencing the Festival’s logo or marks in relation to third party brands, services or products, and to evict any person(s) conducting any commercial activity in contravention of the terms and conditions of sale and entry. In order to maintain security and safety at the Festival, images of ticket(s) and pass(es) or other accreditation posted on social media may result in that ticket(s) and/or pass(es) being cancelled and no refund can be made in such circumstances.

15. As a condition of sale the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, radio, webcast and other communication to the public in any medium and/or for any video, DVD or similar or any projection or digital mapping as part of the audience, and/or by any CCTV cameras and recordings operated by or on behalf of and made by or on behalf of the Organisers for public safety and security purposes.

16. Wristbands removed from the wrist or tampered with will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Lost or missing wristbands will not be replaced. Those without wristbands will be refused admission to the Festival Site or may be removed from the Festival. For security purposes this ticket remains the property of the Organisers at all times and all wristbands issued by the Organisers remain the property of the Organisers at all times.

17. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied to the Festival by a responsible adult (aged 18 or over, who would usually be the parent, carer , legal guardian or other adult entrusted with the care of that child) who accepts full responsibility for all under 16s attending under their supervision.

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